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January 15, 2020

Arran 2030 Projections and Challenges

Arran 2030 Projections and Challenges: As we move into a new decade, the members of the Arran Economic Group have been forecasting what Arran could look like in 2030 and how collectively Arran and its community can help manage sustainable development. We…
December 03, 2019

Sky TV report on Arran's affordable housing crisis

Sky TV report on Arran's affordable Housing problem Reporters from Sky television were over on the Isle of Arran interviewing residents and employers recently to find out more about the Island's housing shortage problem. You can view the full video here.
November 01, 2019

Rural & Islands Housing Fund grant awarded

PRESS RELEASE The Arran Development Trust is delighted to announce that an award of an Offer in Principle Grant of £3.612m from the Rural & Islands Housing Fund has been received. It is believed to be the largest grant awarded to a community group from this…
October 15, 2019

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme Islands Events

Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme Islands Events Zero Waste Scotland are holding on a number of the Scottish Islands. The focus of the events is to discuss the introduction of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme and how this will operate within island locations.…
October 15, 2019

Arran scheme to build new houses for all key workers

Arran scheme to build new houses for all key workers An excellent article today in the Herald news paper discussing the meeting this week with the Arran Economic Group (AEG) and Scottish Government officials as they triy to access £8 million funding to build…
July 29, 2019

Isle of Arran - Quality of life Survey

Arran has the 2nd highest quality of life score in Scotland. Arran has the 2nd highest quality of life score in Scotland... only Orkney had a higher score (page 28 for full list). This is an improvement on 3rd place from the last survey undertaken in 2017.…
July 01, 2019


During the Arran Development Trust (ADT) community engagement events, a healthy number of people aspired to build their own home on the island, so as a consequence, The ADT are now looking for the Arran residents to make that official. Expressions of Interest…


Live, Work, Visit

Could you live in and work in a place where the air is clean and the water is clear. Where communities are small enough to let you know them and big enough to keep you interested and growing. Could you live and work in a place where primary schools are small and welcoming and High School understands artistic and athletic development as well as academic achievement. Where communities and businesses are digitally and physically connected, through Super Fast and an integrated transport system. Could you live and work on a beautiful Island with mountains to the north and green uplands to the south, sharing your Island with eagles, otters, red squirrel and dear.
If you could live and work in this place, Arran needs you and perhaps more importantly, you need Arran.

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