Information for Arran Residents - Arran COVID19 Funding Sources

Information for Arran Residents - Arran COVID19 Funding Sources



On the 17th of March Arran CVS began taking calls from volunteers in the community who wished to support responses around the covid 19 outbreak.

There was an overwhelming interest and as the situation evolved many were placed in specific roles.  Firstly, the Foodbank volunteers out delivering regularly to those most in need, then 2 cohorts of volunteer details passed to North Ayrshire Council to support the hub delivering prescriptions and food packs until they felt no other volunteers were required to complement their own recruitment.   As Health and Social Care Partnership/NHS sought temporary workers we were able to share details of around 50 people with relevant skills which we are told assisted in enabling the posts to be filled in a matter of days.  Many volunteers delivered flyers locally on behalf of Arran CVS to assist in supporting people access a new service, Keep Arran Talking.  Other existing Arran CVS volunteers kept up support via telephone befriending and contact with lunch club and umbrella group members.  These roles are the only ones that we are directly involved in registering and a few weeks ago the Scottish Government opened a national portal, that feeds directly to us as an interface organisation, which supports volunteering, through this we have registered a few more people.


Please remember if you have incurred travel or other reasonable expenses via volunteering your lead organisation has forms available to claim these back, if you have any queries about this please contact us.


Due to the nature of the virus there are currently not enough volunteering roles to meet the huge number of volunteers who registered and we have tried where possible to ensure most people get something to assist with.  What you can be sure of is that there is no volunteering without YOU and credit is due to each and every one of you for coming forward for the unpaid roles that you have undertaken for the good of your community. Thank you!



As funds for the third sector were opening, we kept the groups and organisations on our list updated and tried to distil the information to make it easier for groups and organisations to understand which ones were relevant for them, and we are aware that some successfully applied for funds for COVID-19 activities or to recover lost income after receiving information from us. We also provided advice directly to organisations which requested it and we worked alongside multiple Arran groups and organisations to secure a reasonable sum of funding for them.


If you have not yet applied for funding but you require it either to take forward new activities related to COVID-19, or to fund loss of income due to COVID-19, please note that there are still multiple options for you and you will be able to read about all of them on this website - Please do get in touch with Arran CVS if you feel a bit lost and need help to select one or more funds to apply to, or support with your applications – we are here to help you help people. Talk through your ideas and needs with us and we will try to steer you in the right direction.

The below list of funds is not exhaustive and you should look into the aforementioned link for more information:

Third Sector Resilience Fund (Phase 2)

Please apply to this if you are looking for funds because your cashflow has been negatively affected by COVID-19


Wellbeing Fund

Please apply to this if you are looking for funds for activities that you are undertaking as a direct response to issues caused by the pandemic. It is currently paused because they are dealing with the previous round of applications, but it will once again open for Expressions of Interest on the 7th of May

Community Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund,-recovery-resilience-fund/

Please apply to this if you are looking for funds for activities that you are undertaking as a direct response to issues caused by the pandemic, and you are an organisations with an annual income of less than £125,000. The amounts to be applied for are smaller than the Wellbeing Fund’s, but if you are looking for up to £5,000 this may well be the perfect alternative.


Bank of Scotland Reach funding Programme


For the remainder of the year, this fund will accept applications on a monthly basis for amounts between £5,000 and £30,000. No mention is made about activities having to be focused on responding to COVID-19.

Clothworkers’ Emergency Capital Programme

Please apply to this if you are looking for capital grants of up to £5,000 to adapt or increase services due to the pandemic.


Museums Galleries Scotland – Urgent Response Covid-19 Fund


Independent Accredited museums can apply for up to £60,000 to cover core costs if critically affected by loss of income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Museums Galleries Scotland – Digital Resilience Covid-19 Fund


Museums can apply for up to £3000 to purchase equipment and software that will enable them to adapt to more digital working during the period of closures brought about by the Coronavirus outbreak and the associated restrictions.

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