Community Spirit

Community Spirit 

Moving to one of the smaller villages in the island doesn't meant that you lose the great community spirit that Arran is so well known for. Have a look at what these locals in the small village of Pirnmill in the north of the island did to create social events to bring everyone together.

"Located in the north west of the island, the nearest pub a seven mile trek one way and an 11 mile trek the other, the villagers in this little community would have to walk over two hours home if they'd chosen to have a drink in one of the nearest watering holes.

If they wanted to catch a bus home after a couple, they'd be home by 8pm, when the last mode of public transport in this part of the island finishes.

Until, finally, one day earlier this year, they decided they'd had enough.

Taking it upon themselves to pour their own pints and dash their own vodkas, the village – population 110 – have set up the 'Pirnmill Pop Up Pub."

Megan McEachern The Sunday Post

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