Currently the Arran Development Trust are waiting on confirmation from the Scottish Government of Rural Housing Body Status. We are due to receive this end of June/beginning of July.  This gives the ADT as a community membership body the Right of Pre-Emption on land and property and also the ability to design a Local Lettings Policy based on the community needs on Arran for the properties owned/constructed by the ADT etc.

Also, the updated Phase One Scottish Land Fund submissions have now been lodged, with the committee due to meet and decide on the outcome on the 19th of June.  If approved, this will allow the site valuations to take place (and if suitable/acceptable) the purchase of two of the identified sites.

Also, Phase Two of the Rural & Islands Housing Fund Applications are now being finalised (for all three sites) and due to be lodged within the next two weeks.  If approved, it will allow both the purchase of the site & installation of services on the site (self-build), and the construction/ development of the other two sites identified for affordable rental accommodation providing 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes.  All three sites are in Lamlash.  The ADT is due to meet with representatives of the Scottish Government More Homes Division/RIHF in early June to discuss all three sites in further detail.

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