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Arran High School (Lamlash)

Education on Arran

The Isle of Arran has seven primary schools and one high school, Arran high school can be found in Lamlash. The total number of school aged children is approximately 500, with about 320 in the Arran High School campus which incorporates Lamlash Primary School and Early Years Class and the rest spread across the other 6 primary schools. 
The island schools have a strong community focus and teachers and school staff know the children well. Arran High School has a a strong track record of academic success and is currently a Sport Scotland Gold School Sport Award holder. 
There is also a strong musical tradition on the island and Primary children across the island have the opportunity to play a range of musical instruments from Primary 5 onwards depending on the school, from pipes and drums, to fiddle and brass.


For children up until they reach pre-school age of 3 there are many parent and baby/toddler groups currently held in various villages around the island. 

Early Years

Once children reach the age of 3 they can be enrolled in 1 of the 6 Early Years classes around the island.  These include one community-class in Brodick and the other five classes are within schools in Lamlash, Kilmory, Shiskine, Pirnmill and Corrie.


There are seven primary schools across the island in Brodick, Lamlash, Whiting Bay, Kilmory, Shiskine, Pirnmill and Corrie.


High School

There is one secondary school on the island. Arran high School has a a strong track record of academic success, it has about 320 pupils and is situated in Lamlash.


Argyll College

University of Higlands and Islands Argyll College shares an entrance with Lamlash Nursery at the side of the High School Building facing the Whitehouse Woods. The learning centre is located on the first floor of the building and lift access to the centre is available through the main front door of the school.

Community groups and private organisations can hire space within the centre and there is a discount available for registered charities.

Arran: Look Closer, Interviews with young people on Arran

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