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Arran Development Trust response to recent press articles relating to Second & Holiday homes in Whitby:



Whilst the Arran Development Trust empathise entirely with the community in Whitby, we recognise the growing trend for second/holiday homes, pricing local residents out of the market and the resultant detrimental effect on local services.  The ADT also recognise the second home/holiday home market is important to tourism areas and as such the ADT would rather support a less divisive approach, by advocating and introducing a financial contributory Second/Holiday Home Owners fund specifically raised primarily through rates levies on empty and second homes with the funds raised being spent in the specific area contributing.

For example; Arran has 40% of North Ayrshire Council second and empty homes, therefore Arran should receive 40% of the fund to spend on increasing the number of affordable homes on Arran.

Therefore additional, substantial area specific revenue would provide Affordable Homes for current full-time residents and contribute financially and directly into the local economy, easing the “them and us” culture which is appearing across the Scottish Islands and Rural areas.


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